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It all started one evening when a group of friends decided to stop waiting for a team, but rather create something they can call their own. Firstly the choice was easy, we were excited and dedicated to get the things going and took the first step. The name, now this was a bit of a dilemma. We ran through hundreds of names in one day, choosing one here and there until we came down to Argentum eSports. Argentum in Latin means "Sliver" , so it was perfect, the eSports was natural, yes we are a gaming community, but we would like to think that our horizons will span further than just CS:GO. 
We locked the name in and started looking for members. We found an initial few friends to join and realized that recruiting people into a brand new clan is harder than it seems. With a lot of dedication we persisted and managed to lock down one full squad for CS:GO. We got a logo Designed and managed our Steam group to our best ability. 
Couple of weeks passed and people started fading away, why? Is till wont be able to really tell you, maybe it was the idea of us being new that scared them, maybe it was something else, but we realized we are going to need a firmer foundation for the guys to look back to. We then asked one of our Social Media Consultant, Kris "Fury" Palm to create us a website. With the wave of new excitement and new things happening, all our members just started coming together. 
We currently run one full squad for CS:GO and one full squad for Dota 2. We are always looking for more teams and extra members so please feel free to visit the "Join a Squad Page
Our main goal here at Argentum eSports, is to create an environment where to our players and fellow gamers can escape and be themselves, while at the same time have the adrenaline of Competitive gaming. A group of people sharing the same interest in the world of Games and all things Computers. Building relationships and creating dreams for those who will one day succeed. 

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